Perfectly matched solutions for position measurement in high-precision machine tools

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MRP 8000 angle encoder module: unfazed by off-axis tilting loads

The MRP 8000 angle encoder modules are shipped to the machine manufacturers as complete assemblies with specified characteristics. They combine high-resolution measuring technology with a highly stable bearing. HEIDENHAIN has already completed the necessary assembly and adjustments of all individual components.

Particular advantages of this highly integrated system solution:

  • Replaces the customer's bearing
  • Unfazed by off-axis tilting loads
  • All critical mounting processes eliminated

Angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN make the setup of high-precision rotary axes much easier, particularly for manufacturers of measuring machines, laser trackers, wafer handling robots, electrical discharge machines, and machines for micro-precision manufacturing.

The angle encoder modules are characterized by:

  • High measuring and bearing accuracy
  • Very high resolution
  • Very high repeatability
  • Low starting torque
  • Constant movements

All information about the MRP 8000 and other angle encoder modules

The MRP 8000 in practice: CT metrology from GOM

At its booth, HEIDENHAIN will demonstrate a CT metrology unit from GOM, for the highly precise and non-destructive 3-D inspection of components with internal structures. The GOM CT provides 3-D data of internal and external component geometries, with an unusually high level of detail after just one scanning run. Even finest details throughout the component are made visible. This simplifies initial sampling, tool compensation, and inspection tasks while production is running.

One of the special features of the GOM CT is the 5-axis kinematics with an integrated centering table. This makes it easy for the user to optimally position the component within the measuring space and to always perform the measurement at the best resolution possible. Encoders from HEIDENHAIN are decisive for the sophisticated motion control of the 5-axis kinematics: the MRP 8000 angle encoder module is responsible for the extraordinarily constant rotational motion of the centering table for positioning and rotation while scanning. LIC 4100 linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN exactly position the components in front of the X-ray emitter.

How the GOM CT works

LIC 4000 exposed linear encoders

GAGE-CHEK 2000 evaluation unit: the compact all-in-one device for reliable 1-D measured-value acquisition

HEIDENHAIN presents the new GAGE-CHEK 2000 evaluation unit for reliable measured-value acquisition in a production environment. The sturdy all-in-one device is highly well suited for positioning tasks on measuring devices and positioning equipment, and for measuring-machine retrofits. The GAGE-CHEK 2000 supports the user with intuitive operation over the touchscreen and the context-sensitive display of functions and features.

GAGE-CHEK 2000 – All details

ERP 1000 modular angle encoder: versatile, accurate, and sturdy

When the new modular angle encoders of the ERP 1000 series were developed, HEIDENHAIN placed the main emphasis on the following three characteristics:

  • Flexible integration in the customer's overall system
  • Accuracy of the measured values
  • Stability of the measured-value acquisition

These goals were achieved through a combination of the modular design and the first use of the HEIDENHAIN signal-processing ASIC HSP 1.0 in an angle encoder.


Wide variety of variants: circular scales are available as full circles and as segments with various diameters

Easy mounting: non-paired system with generous mounting tolerances and automated signal adjustment

Simple electrical connection: Wide selection of cable and connector versions 


Accuracy grades as fine as ±0.9 angular seconds

Interpolation error down to ±0.02 angular seconds

Position noise RMS down 0.002 angular seconds


Consistently high quality of the scanning signals over the entire lifetime

Signal stabilization without amplification of the noise component

Consequently, the ERP 1000 modular angle encoders are particularly well suited to applications demanding exceptionally constant speed control or high position stability at standstill.

ERP 1000 modular angle encoder – Specifications


HEIDENHAIN signal-processing ASIC HSP 1.0: for permanently stable measured values

Some of the special characteristics of the ERP 1000 modular angle encoders or of the LIC, LIDA, and LIF series of exposed linear encoders, as well as the LIP 6000, are the result of the new HEIDENHAIN signal-processing ASIC HSP 1.0. It ensures a consistently high quality of the scanning signals over the entire lifetime of the encoders. It does this by continuously monitoring the scanning signal.

If the signal amplitude decreases, the HSP 1.0 readjusts it by increasing the LED current. The ensuing increase in the LED light intensity hardly affects the noise level in the scanning signals at all, even when there is a high degree of signal stabilization—quite contrary to systems in which the gain is made in the signal path. At the same time, the HSP 1.0 also ensures that the signal retains its original, ideal form, even if there is contamination.

Our Technical Information document about the HSP 1.0

How the new signal-processing ASIC from HEIDENHAIN ensures consistent signal quality

Positioning and drive technology from ETEL: highly accurate or with high torque

With its linear and torque motors as well as the AccurET controller, ETEL is presenting high-accuracy direct drives for motions in the nanometer range and also high-torque systems for industrial applications.

Particular strengths of the drives and motion control systems from ETEL are:

  • Zero-cogging design
  • Optimum speed stability
  • Very high control-loop performance

Discover the high-end motion control systems from ETEL

QUADRA-CHEK 2000 and QUADRA-CHEK 3000: solve measuring challenges quickly, easily, and exactly

The quick, easy, and exact measurement of components during and after the production process ensures top-level quality. The QUADRA-CHEK 2000 and QUADRA-CHEK 3000 evaluation units facilitate this with their intuitive operation and intelligent measuring functions.

The QUADRA-CHEK 2000 was developed by HEIDENHAIN for everyday measuring tasks in parts inspection applications. Measured-value acquisition takes place quickly, easily, and exactly via crosshairs or an optical edge detector. The user intuitively documents the results of measurement on the touchscreen.

Information and screencasts about the functions of the QUADRA-CHEK 2000

The QUADRA-CHEK 3000 evaluation unit is available for measuring tasks using video tools. The various possibilities for acquiring measured values include both simple and intelligent functions, which acquire measured values quickly and objectively

Simple and exact acquisition of measuring points on 3-D geometries using a touch probe is being introduced for the CONTROL trade show. The integrated touch-probe manager enables the configuration and calibration of probing heads and styli. The possibilities for error compensation improve the accuracy of the measuring machine.

Measuring points can be acquired elegantly with the QUADRA-CHEK 3000